Darnell is preparing for his night out and he’s standing if front of his closet watching to his clothes.
“Mmmhhh can do I wear… It’s a hard one! Darnell!” says to himself.

While he’s looking through his clothes he sees something he had never seen before, and old dusty cardboard…

+Oh God why me?


Parcell’s residence

4.23 a.m.

Marilou is peacefully sleeping when she hears noises of glass breaking and screams coming from the kitchen.

She opens her eyes and start to think “Why God? Why did you choose me? Of all the women in the world why did you had to choose me? What did I…


I just made my first wallpaper
t0y said: Liverpool can be nice on a sunny day so you should bring some light clothes but don't rule out rain. In the evening you'd need a jacket probably. Where in Liverpool are you going? Sefton park would be nice for pictures, as would Hope street.

I don’t know, I’ll be staying in a college, where I’m going to attend English lessons and then take an exam.

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